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We're OneFourTwentyFour: a consulting duo, a wonderful friendship, and your backend team's next best friend. Our development style and processes revolve around some core ideas -- incremental improvement, small & continuous deployment, and iterating quickly. Work with us to bring these into your future or existing software practices.

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Chris and Marshall are software developers who have taken startups from Seed Round to Series B and Series B to acquisition. We met while working at Elastic (as part of the Swiftype acquisition). We've been very important (i.e. the "go to person" if production goes down) engineers at fast growing startups like Swiftype, Truework, (a couple of our clients!) and Code42. If you want the nitty-gritty... we would be considered "team leads" for the majority of our software careers.

What's cooler than name-dropping companies? Actual results from our software careers:

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People start talking to us when production is experiencing issues with performance/stability, right after spikes in traffic, and when they are ready to take their codebase/team size/experience to the next level. Here are some highlights of our consulting work:

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You can find us in San Francisco! We're happy to meet up for a coffee, a drink, or a friendly game of 1-4-24!

Email us at, we're friendly.