OneFourTwentyFour is a backend-focused software consulting team that work on performance and stability of backend services, databases, and infrastructure. We collaborate with our clients to incrementally improve their team's existing tools and practices so they can quickly ship excellent software. While we are open to all types work with SAAS companies, our bread and butter clients are usually small-to-mid-sized teams that need help taking the next (or first) step with technologies such as Terraform, Django, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, and Elasticsearch.


Infrastructure as Code

Let's take your existing services and run them in a repeatable manner in AWS or GCP. We'll help you transition your deployments and infrastructure so your developers can spin up new (and existing) services quickly.

Backend Performance and Stability

Have a service that's flaky, slow, or hard to deploy? We find the right metrics to help us better understand difficult services and investigate issues at every level of the stack.

Startup and Team Scaling

Practices that allow rapid growth at the beginning of a project can start hindering developer experience as the project grows. Work with us to fine tune these techniques to better suit your growing startup and development teams.

Database Optimization

Making PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Elasticsearch work for you is hard. We can help build out infrastructure, bring in best deployment practices, and fine tune your databases so your developers can utilize them effectively well beyond our engagement.

Features / Projects

Team up with us to make your ideas and goals a reality. We'll spin it up with your existing deployment processes and make sure you are fully equipped to iterate on it.

Iterative Product Development

At our core, we are product-focused engineers. We can work with you and your team to iteratively build products and grow ideas in a sustainable way.


Chris and Marshall are experienced software developers who have taken startups from Seed Round to Series B and Series B to acquisition. We've worked on a lot of problems in developer efficiency, growing software architecture, and building something from nothing.

Chris and Marshall met while working at Elastic (as part of the Swiftype acquisition). Our own personal and professional relationship eventually cultivated into a unique and powerful consulting team -- we compliment each other with different strengths in software and we work exceptionally well together. We've been very important engineers at fast growing startups like Swiftype, Truework, (a couple of our clients!) and Code42.


You can find us in San Francisco! We're happy to meet up with you for a coffee, a drink, or a friendly game of 1-4-24!

Our electronic mail is always open. We look forward to hearing from you at