Hello, Internet!

I'm Chris Wang, your backend team's next best friend. My development style revolves around incremental improvement, continuous deployment, and iterating quickly. Work with me to bring these traits into your future or existing software practices.

I am exceptional at:

Receipts provided

I worked at Truework (from Seed through Series B) and Swiftype (from Series B through acquisition by Elastic). But name-dropping isn't useful without context, so here are some highlights from my software career:

When to work with me

People start working with me when production is experiencing issues with performance/stability, right after spikes in traffic, and when they are ready to take their codebase/team size/experience to the next level. Here are some examples of my consulting work:

Let's chat

You can find me in Miami! I'm happy to meet up for a cortadito, a drink, or a friendly game of 1-4-24!

Email me at, I'm friendly.